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  1. Fantastic Mr. Fox, is a magnificant peice of art, just like all of Wes Anderson’s other films. It deserves to be released in a Criterion edition.

  2. Signed. Criterion needs all of Anderson. It’s a good thing that Moonrise is through Focus, Universal is very good with them

  3. Signed Respectively,
    Milly J. Hanson

    Wes is bloody brilliant in a period where no one seems to have any original ideas to bring to life anymore.

  4. i have always held the criterion collection to the highest esteem. ive been checking out two criterion films a week since i was 12, and since Wes Anderson has been my favorite director/filmwriter/producer for longer than then, it only seems logical that every one of his movies should recieve the honor of the criterion collection. SIGNED.

  5. Fantastic Mr. Fox is an absolute visual masterpiece beautifully intertwined with Wes Anderson’s intrinsic storytelling. Anderson has even sourced the production of the film as being pivotal to affecting his approach to live action films, most notably with his exceptionally critically acclaimed “Moonrise Kingdom”. This movie by all means deserves to be part of the Criterion Collection as it would be a travesty if such animated magnificence were not inducted.
    Signed, Scott

  6. Signed!

    Fantastic Mr. Fox and Moonrise Kingdom both need to be released as part of the Criterion Collection!

  7. Fantastic Mr. Fox was the last time I’ve been excited before seeing a movie, but even more excited afterwards. A Criterion release would make my 3 months between their announcement and the release date, and then the rest of my life after that.
    A pretty please,
    Tamas O

  8. Fantastic Mr. Fox is a spectacular movie. The animation is superb, and as always with Wes Anderson’s films the characters and story are extremely well written. Not to mention it is an adaption of a novel by the beloved author Roald Dahl, please Criterion, give it your treatment!

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