Wes directs Brad Pitt?

From the LA Times:

What is Brad Pitt doing in this strange Japanese TV commercial?

Well, it’s directed by Wes Anderson, so there’s that. And according to Us, it’s a remake of the 1953 French film “Les Vacances de Monseieur Hulot.” Pitt shot the Softbank commercial in Normandy on Sept. 20.

“There were lots of children on the set, and Brad was very friendly to all of them,” a set source tells Us. “Some of the children had complicated French names. He turned to them and said, ‘What is your name?’ in the most perfect French. He’s obviously been studying hard.”

As well as learning French, Brad is also mastering Japanese. “Brad also used a few Japanese words to the Softbank execs too,” the source told Us. “He’s becoming a master of many languages.”

Apparently, the Pittster’s been doing wackadoodle Japanese commercials for a few years.

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