Wes on Charlie Rose

Update: There is now a direct link here.

Wes appeared on Charlie Rose a couple of nights ago, and unfortunately due to a redesign, it’s nearly impossible to link you directly to the interview. If you can manage it, go to Charlie Rose’s website and in the search box indicated in the picture below, search for Wes Anderson and it should come up, or click on the recent shows tab. Definitely worth watching. You can also view a transcript here.

 If anyone has any tips on how to emebed or even link directly to the video, please let us know.

Wes on Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose rewind; and Yankee Racers threads

Tonight, watching the Jerry Seinfeld interview with Charlie Rose made me think: I ought to revisit Charlie’s interviews with Wes. So, for your viewing pleasure, here are all three (see the end for some great Yankee Racers threads).

26 October 2007:

15 December 2004:

29 January 1999:

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