Cinematical Takes a Look at Bottle Rocket’s Shelf Life


Todd Gilchrist at Cinematical writes about Bottle Rocket in their Shelf Life feature. It’s an interesting read and we agree with his conclusion. Full article after the break.

Wes Anderson’s movies have entertained and enchanted audiences for more than a decade now, offering a singular and yet strangely universal point of view time and again about oddballs and outsiders who simply want their creativity to connect with others. This week, Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox arrives in theaters (in limited release), and while we’ve already fallen in love with the his latest work (thanks in no small part to his particularly fertile adaptation of author Roald Dahl’s source material), it seemed appropriate to go back and revisit his first film, the oft-forgotten Bottle Rocket, to remind ourselves where the writer-director started, if not where our love affair with his work began.
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