StudioCanal Will Distribute “Moonrise Kingdom” in France

Variety reports that the wonderful (and sometimes terrifying) StudioCanal has picked up Wes’ newest film for distribution in France. Focus Features will handle U.S. distribution sometime next year.

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French Fantastic Mr. Fox Poster

With the release of the French version of Fantastic Mr. Fox a mere two weeks away, we thought we’d share the poster for the for dubbed version. Click on the image below to view it full size.

Fantastic Mr. Fox French Poster

via IMPAwards

Fantastic Mr. Fox in France

As a follow-up to our earlier post about the French dub of Fantastic Mr. Fox, below is the trailer for the film. Nearly identical, the only changes apparent to me are a music cue in the middle and the fact that they only list two names for the dub. It’s funny that they seemed to have done some dubbing especially for the trailer as Amalric still says the “Shall we dance?” line, a recurring thing that Wes ended up cutting from the movie entirely after test screenings. After the jump is the poster (identical to the UK version) that curiously lists George Clooney’s name.

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M. Fantastique Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Allocine has announced two of the actors who will be voicing Fantastic Mr. Fox in la version française, and they’re on par with their American counterparts. Mathieu Amalric (Quantam of SolaceThe Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Arnuad Desplechin‘s A Chrismas Tale) will be providing the dub for Mr. Fox, and Isballe Huppert (8 Women, The Piano Teacher, I Heart Huckabees) will be voicing Mrs. Fox. If I read correctly, the film comes out in February in France. No other cast for the dub has been announced, but as The Playlist speculates, Wes is likely involved in this version of the film and its casting. If more interesting names pop up we’ll be sure to let you know.