Glenn Kenny Reviews Mr. Fox

As we reportedly earlier, he’s quite fond of the film.

One of the consolations of art is that it can be used to remake the world, up to a point. And this consolation applies as much to the artist doing the remaking as it might to the consumer of the resultant art product. “Wes Anderson fans will note that Mr. Fox’s wardrobe bears an uncanny resemblance to the suits the director wore during his clipped haircut/pre contact-lens phase,” my friend Kent Jones says in his terrific Film Comment cover essay on Fantastic Mr. Fox, Anderson’s new film, a stop-motion animated adaptation of a Roald Dahl wryly-funny-animal tale. I imagine it must have been fun for Anderson to reinvent a former self of his as a snappy, clever, fun-loving semi-rogue who’s also an idiosyncratic, self-appointed savior to his community. Just as I imagine it had to have been at least a bit sadly self-knowing of him to give the obsessive, self-deluding, heartbroken, and finally suicidal Richie Tenenbaum that camel-hair jacket. 

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