New Photo: Wes Editing “Mr. Fox”, Jason Flies a Kite

Director Mark Romanek recently updated his photoblog with a picture of Wes (I assume in London) working on Fantastic Mr. Fox. Mr. and Mrs. Fox seem to be in a cage.

Wes Anderson

Romanek is in London doing post-production on his own film, out in 2010, that will also be distributed by Fox Searchlight. Full size picture here.

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And, apropos of…nothing, here’s a promo video that Jason Schwartzman did for the clothing store Opening Ceremony in which Jason flies a kite, something he’s done before.

Jason Schwartzman: Catalogue Model

With a new TV show premiering in a few weeks, Jason Schwartzman seems to be everywhere in the media, including the pages of a fashion catalogue.

Jason Schwartzman

Schwartzman is included in a series of Polaroids for the label Band of Outsiders (named after Godard’s film of the same name). As you may recall we love polaroids, and these Godard inspired ads are pretty great. Also appearing are Marisa Tomei, Sarah Silverman, Kirsten Dunst and Zooey Deschanel among others. See the rest of Jason’s photographs here.

The photos will appear in Band of Outsiders’ fall 2009 book.

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“Mr. Fox” is Schwartzman’s Favorite Anderson Film

Fantastic Mr. Fox

MTV Movies has a great interview with Jason Schwartzman about Fantastic Mr. Fox, which Jason says is his favorite Anderson film to date. Read the interview after the break.

LOS ANGELES — If there’s one thing we’ve learned from all those “Ocean’s” movies, it’s that George Clooney has a lot of friends. Now the star has united another massive cast including Meryl Streep, Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Willem Dafoe, Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman — although you won’t actually be seeing any of them.

Instead, “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” has even more impressive things to show you. As we can see from the recent trailer, the stop-motion animated film (in theaters November 13) is a unique mix of kiddie-fare breeziness (it’s based on a classic Roald Dahl children’s book), indie-minded filmmaking (“Rushmore” writer/director Wes Anderson is in charge) and star-powered vocal chops. As our weeklong Fall Movie Preview continues, Jason Schwartzman pays us a visit to explain why “Mr. Fox” makes him want to cry.

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Trailer for Schwartzman HBO Series “Bored to Death”

A new, full length trailer has arrived for the Jason Schwartzman starring HBO Series Bored to Death.

Schwartzman co-stars with Zach Galifianakis, and Ted Danson. The show was created by novelist and brave man Jonathan Ames and premieres and on HBO Sunday September 20th, at 9:30pm ET.

Paramount Dumps New Schwartzman Film


Today The Playlist blog updates on a Jason Schwartzman film we’ve been looking forward to, Todd Luiso’s The Marc Pease Experience.

[The Playlist] talked to Todd Louiso, director of the underrated Phillip Seymour Hoffman drama “Love Liza,” this morning, about his experience with his follow-up film, “The Marc Pease Experience.” The film is unfortunately the latest Paramount Vantage casualty.

Even though the movie stars comic heavyweights Jason Schwartzman and Ben Stiller, as well as talented up-and-coming actress Anna Kendrick, it’s being dumped in ten markets on August 21st. The movie won’t even be playing in New York or Los Angeles.

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The Antipodean Anderson

(ed’s note: Welcome to our newest contributor, South Paw!)

As “The Darjeeling Limited” is nearing the end of its Australia run, it’s time for us to take a look at how the film has fared. Jason Schwartzman took a promo trip down under a short while ago, and though we can’t take a trip ourselves, we’ll soar the internet skies instead. Below is a look at what the Aussies have been saying about Mr. Anderson’s latest. A couple of these links have been posted before, but have been included again here for your convenience. Enjoy!

The charmingly-named Wollondilly Advertiser (Wollondilly Shire is just south of Sydney in New South Wales and supplies the city with most of its waters) reviewed TDL in its January 22, 2008 Edition in “Oh Brothers, What an Amazing Journey”. The WA described TDL as “unpredictable and “impossible to categorize”, but also that it “has elements of a travel adventure, it is partly family drama, it is often funny and sometimes downright bizarre.” Overall a positive review, “breath of fresh air” for audiences and the good people of the Shire.
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