Jason Schwartzman on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Jason appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this past Wednesday to promote Mr. Fox and talk about stealing Jimmy’s moves. We’ve embedded the interview below, and you can watch the full episode at Hulu.

Mr. Fox at Venice, Jarvis on Fallon

Looks like Fantastic Mr. Fox will be playing out of competition at the 66th Venice Film Festival. The film will be screened alongside new films from Michael Moore, Steven Soderbergh, and the Coen Brothers, among a host of other films from around the world. Anderson was last at the festival holding the world premiere of The Darjeeling Limited, which played in competition and won the Little Golden Lion prize. The festival runs from September 2nd to the 12th. (Which would make this the world premiere of Fox, coming over a month before the London Film Festival.)


And here’s Fox composer and voice actor Jarvis Cocker on last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.