Details on Wes’ Next Film

The Rosenthaler Suite 

/Film has some information today about Wes’ next film, the previously reported remake of My Best Friend, via the very sensitive Playlist blog. The film has been retitled The Rosenthaler Suite.

As members of the press have had a chance to talk to Wes Anderson thanks to the release of Fantastic Mr. Fox, I’ve had a few conversations with other web writers who noted that no one seemed to be asking Anderson about his adaptation of the French film My Best Friend. We first reported on the possibility of the remake in September of last year, but while Anderson worked on finishing his animated feature there was no real news on the project. Would it be his next? Has it been scrapped? In short, what’s up?

We now know that the film hasn’t been scrapped, at least, because there is a script draft. The title has been changed from My Best Friend to The Rosenthaler Suite, but otherwise it sounds like a relatively faithful reworking. More details, and a tease about White Cape, a possible Fantastic Mr. Fox spin-off comic, after the break.

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