Wes Accepts NBR Special Achievement Award…In Stop-Motion (video)

Here’s Wes’ acceptance speech as Weasel from Fantastic Mr. Fox at the recent National Board of Review awards ceremony. It is awesome.

After you watch the high quality version above, you can watch a video from the event embedded after the jump to see how it played in the room.

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Fantastic Mr. Fox New York Film Critics Circle Acceptance Speech (video)

Last night Wes accepted the Best Animated Film award for Fantastic Mr. Fox from the New York Film Critics Circle, video of George Clooney’s introduction and Wes’ speech below.

If the video goes down, here are two reports on the evening from The New York Times.

Fantastic Mr. Fox is Third Best Reviewed Film of 2009!

The Golden Tomato

The Golden Tomato Awards were announced at Rotten Tomatoes today, and the third best reviewed wide release in the U.S. is none other than Fantastic Mr. Fox. The film is just barely behind the hits Star Trek and Up. Hopefully this will encourage people to see the film. Read the full list of winner at Rotten Tomatoes.

New York Times: Look Out, Pixar, Here Comes ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’

Let's see some hustle!

In The New York Times today Los Angeles correspondent Brook Barnes takes a look at how Fantastic Mr. Fox is faring in the end-of-the-year awards cycle, and in her estimation it might just have a shot at the top prize.

Full article after the jump.

LOS ANGELES — Figuring out which film will win the Academy Award for best animated feature is usually the easiest part of filling out a ballot for your Oscar pool. Go down the list of nominees — often only three, because so few make the cut — and find the one produced by Pixar. Circle it.

But this year, unexpectedly, animation is becoming a hotly contested race.

The biggest reason is “Fantastic Mr. Fox,” Wes Anderson’s quirky adaptation of the Roald Dahl novel. The film, from 20th Century Fox and the producer Scott Rudin, is soaking up a surprising amount of awards attention.

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Fantastic Mr. Fox Script

Fox Searchlight has put up the script for Fantastic Mr. Fox at their awards site. You can download the script here, and visit their awards site here.

More Awards for Fantastic Mr. Fox


In addition to the Golden Globe nomination, yesterday Fantastic Mr. Fox picked up two screenwriting awards from west coast critics associations. Wes and Noah won the Best Adapted Screenplay for the film and it was also named the runner-up for Best Animated Film from the San Diego Film Critics Society. Similarly, The San Francisco Film Critics Circle awarded Fantastic Mr. Fox their prize for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Update: Also recieved another Best Animated Film, this one from the Toronto Film Critics Association, a nomination in the same category from the Chicago Film Critics, and another Best Animated Film and Best Screenplay win from the Utah Film Critics Association. In addition, Best Family Film and Best Animated Film from the Las Vegas Film Critics Society and the latter from The Sattelite Awards.

Another Fantastic Mr. Fox For Your Consideration Ad

Another from AwardsDaily, this one naming possibly every person involved in the making of the film. I can’t say I’ve ever seen For Your Consideration ads that so fully celebrate the collaboration of everyone involved. Kinda cool. Click on the thumbnail below to view the ad full size.

Fantastic Mr. Fox For Your Consideration

This one appeared in the December 13th edition of Variety, and given this morning’s news, expect quite a few more before February.

Fantastic Mr. Fox Nabs Four More Critics Awards

Fantastic Mr. Fox

It’s another good day for Wes and co., as Fantastic Mr. Fox continues to pick up critics awards. Announced this morning, Fantastic Mr. Fox won Best Animated Film, and was the first runner-up in both the Best Director and Best Film of the Year categories, with Wes as Director coming in second to Spike Jonze for Where the Wild Things Are, and Fantastic Mr. Fox coming in right behind Up in the Air for Best Film. Nice picks, Indiana. Full results here.

Also announced, Fantastic Mr. Fox won the Best Animated Film award from the New York Film Critics Circle. Full results here.

For those keeping up, the Golden Globes nominations will be announced tomorrow, and given that those are chosen by critics and press, it looks like the film might just have a shot.

Fantastic Mr. Fox Takes LA Film Critics Award

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Several critics groups announced their annual awards yesterday, and Fantastic Mr. Fox was named the Best Animation by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association. The rest of the groups seem to have chosen Pixar’s Up, which is not surprising. But a good note that Mr. Fox is definitely in second place, because given the expansion of the Oscars Best Picture category this year, Up may be included in that, which would give Wes’ film a far better shot at wining the Animated film Oscar. Anyway, at this rate, the film seems like a shoo-in for a nomination. We’ll have more awards coverage as groups announce their awards in the following weeks.

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via HitFix

A Third Fantastic Mr. Fox For Your Consideration Ad

A slight variant on the design of the last one, but this one is our favorite, with a numerical breakdown of all the time spent and people inolved in making the movie. It seems like a real tribute to the crew who worked for so long to make the movie. Click on the image below for a larger version and be sure to read the entire quote from Wes.

Fantastic Mr. Fox For Your Consideration Ad

Again, this came from AwardsDaily and appeared in the December 5th issue of Variety.