The Fantastic Mr. Star Fox (Video)

College Humor has created this stop-motion parody mash-up of the video game Star Fox, and Fantastic Mr. Fox.

I can’t say we’re really the audience for this one (must have missed it in my SNES days), but it’s well made and if you get the jokes, I’m sure very funny. Enjoy.

NBC’s Community Pays Homage to The Darjeeling Limited

Last night’s season premiere of the (very good) NBC comedy Community opened with an homage to The Darjeeling Limited, which you can view below.

Community just began its second season on NBC, and The Darjeeling Limited will be available on Criterion DVD and Blu-Ray on October 12.

Twitter’s “Rushmore” Tribute

Twitter HQ introduces you to their staff in a very familiar way…

(Thanks to reader chad osko for the tip.)

Wes Anderson’s “Super Bowl”

From Slate via Entertainment Weekly:

(the Wes parody is third)

(not-so) Bonus: a harsh take on Salinger — and Wes

Wes Anderson’s The Amazing Spider-Man

So as you may have read on our twitter page (@RushmoreAcademy), Wes was one of the names rumoured to be on Sony’s wishlist of directors for their proposed Spiderman reboot before Marc Webb was chosen. Jeff Loveness has made a parody video based on that possibility, it is below.

Our favorite Wes parody is still the McCain ad.

via /Film, Yankee Racer Magnus Rushlee