Friday News Round-Up – 4/20/12

As if you haven’t noticed this already, the closer we get to the release of Moonrise Kingdom, the more news bits are coming out of the woodwork. Sometimes they’re extremely noteworthy and merit their own post, and sometimes they’re just little blips on the radar. This week, we’re starting a new weekly Friday News Round-Up to capture the smaller things around the web that we found interesting, but weren’t quite enough to stand alone:

Archives: The New York Times Watches a Movie With Wes

WATCHING MOVIES WITH: Wes Anderson; From Centimes, A Wealth Of Ideas
Published: Friday, January 11, 2002

”WHY did I pick this movie?” Wes Anderson asked himself, slouching against the wall in the glass-lined lobby of an office building on the Paramount Pictures lot, a sultry black-and-white portrait of Dorothy Lamour peering over his shoulder. ”I don’t actually have an answer for that.”

Mr. Anderson, it turns out, is the sort of person who tells you — a little sheepishly — that he has no answer to something, and then spends the next two and a half hours giving you one.

A slanted, self-deprecating smile spread across his face. Tall, bony and professorial, he leaned his forehead down so that he had to tilt his eyes up a bit to look straight ahead. ”One thing is, I’m a big François Truffaut fan and this is the most unpretentious movie that I can possibly imagine,” said Mr. Anderson, 32.

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