Sam and Suzy Shine in the Spotlight

Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward sat down with USA Today to discuss their experience on set including their hobbies, family lives, and their shared first on-screen (and real-life) kiss. The pair seem to be as precious in reality as onscreen:

When Jared mentions a recent film obsession — the 2010 superhero spoof Kick-Ass— he feels obligated to politely mouth the second half of the title.

The video of the stars only increases their appeal:

Read more about Kara and Jared at USA Today.

Exclusive: Meet Suzy From “Moonrise Kingdom”

This is Suzy Bishop.
She likes stories with magical powers in them.
From time to time she goes berserk.

The Rushmore Academy is very proud to premiere this exclusive character introduction for Suzy, the dynamic female half of the Moonrise Kingdom adventure. Click through the photos below to learn more about her, and check out all of our Moonrise Kingdom posts right here.

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Moonrise Kingdom comes out in select cities in the US on May 25th, through Focus Features, and will open the 65th Cannes Film Festival on May 16th. Watch the trailer for the film here.