Happy Thanksgiving From The Rushmore Academy

A Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers (and a belated one to our Canadian readers).

Send your family, friends, enemies and all those in-between our Fantastic Mr. Fox e-card, or our Rushmore video card and be sure to have a happy holiday.

Full-size here.

Twitter-able link here.

Reblog: Send our Thanksgiving video to Family and Friends!

Want to say Happy Thanksgiving in a Wes-y kinda way? Send our video!

E-mail, tweet or telegraph it by sending one of the links below:

full link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDU26QEYg20

twitterable link: http://bit.ly/6s83Uc

Mr. Fox Thanksgiving site

Fox Searchlight has created a new Mr. Fox mini-site where you can play the “Feast Like a Fox” game and send a friend or family member a Thanksgiving e-vite to see Fantastic Mr. Fox with you. Advertising!

You can visit the mini-site here, or click on the screenshot below.

Fantastic Mr. Fox Thanksgiving