Happy Birthday, Wes!

Today, May 1, 2009, is Wes Anderson’s 40th Birthday! Happy Birthday, Wes! Send along your birthday greetings, videos, and haikus to edwardappleby(at)yankeeracers(dot)org or tweet them @rushmoreacademy! I will post them through the day.

From TheGladGirl:

Wes you’re my hero! Happy Birthday. Thnx 4 coloring my world. XO 40 x infinity!


Happy Birthday Mr Anderson.


I will celebrate Wes’ bday by writing a play, saving Latin, killing a jaguar shark & making out with my adopted brother.


Wes Anderson turns the big 4-0 today. Happy Birthday to Wes!

Me and him are celebrating by running around downtown Vancouver shooting short films French New Wave style via handheld camera.

Tonight it’s possible that I may sacrifice a small goat to celebrate this joyous occasion.