Time Out London Talks to Wes

Time Out London recently chatted with Wes about Fantastic Mr. Fox, full interview after the break.

Casually departing the world of live-action filmmaking, Wes Anderson’s latest is a stop-motion retelling of Roald Dahl’s much-loved children’s book, ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’. Dave Calhoun meets him to discuss how he undertook such a huge project

So you made ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ here in London, at a studio in east London?
‘Yes – but I wasn’t here for the whole shooting. I just came and went. I was in lots of different places, but we had a system set up so I could do what I needed to do from abroad.’

Was the film your idea in the first place?
‘Yes, but about ten years ago. I first met with Felicity Dahl, Roald’s wife, in 2000 to talk about this project.’

Did you always want it to be a stop-motion animated film?
‘Yes, that was the thing right from the beginning.’

All your films, from ‘Bottle Rocket’ (1994) to ‘The Darjeeling Limited’ (2007) have been live action. Did you feel confident about directing stop-motion animation?

‘Well, I didn’t know anything about how you go about it, so I just assumed we’d figure it out.’

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