More Information About Movie #8

For those who just can’t get enough of Wes, more information regarding Movie #8 has started to leak out. As previously reported on this blog, the movie will be set in Europe and has been inspired by Wes’s time living there and Owen Wilson will join the cast. But now, Wes has divulged even more:

“In my next film, the main character, who’s a bit crazy, has a personal medium [mind reader] whose assistant is a teenager. I’ll give the roles to more well known actors than the kids [in ‘Moonrise Kingdom’]. I’m still attached to my favorite actors even if I still don’t know who’ll play the main role in my next film.”

And still more:

Anderson already revealed he wrote the script on his own, but developed the story with a non-Hollywood friend and a mutual friend of the two served as “the inspiration for one of the main characters.”

As always, you can be sure we’ll be following the leads on this new film closely. (To follow with us, we’ve started a new tag, cleverly named “Movie #8“, gather all of the information that we find.)

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  1. Actually, when you consider “Hotel Chevalier” as a part of his filmography, wouldn’t the upcoming movie be his eighth-and-one-half?

  2. @gjdsalinger: I was just thinking about that just now. Could we consider his first “Bottle Rocket” short film to be the half-film in this Fellini reference?

  3. So it’s settled, then. With the 1994 “Bottle Rocket” as his half-film, the Untitled Wes Anderson Film will be the director’s eighth-and-one-half project. The film buff within me is satisfied.

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