Wes Anderson’s Next Animated Movie is…. Grand Budapest Hotel?

Not really. But Jeff Goldblum revealed to The Wrap this week that Wes Anderson completed an animated version of Grand Budapest Hotel before beginning production on the live-action version of the film. Goldblum indicated it was a practice likely learned during the making of Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Goldblum said, “It was a beautifully animated version of the whole movie, with all the cuts as they pretty much I think wound up to be. And he voiced all the characters. He called it animatics. I had it on my computer, you could see the whole movie.”

Goldblum didn’t say whether the animated version would ever be released to the public, but he also didn’t give anyone reason to think it wouldn’t be released someday.

“Willem Dafoe even said to Wes, you should release this,” Goldblum said. “You may see it on the DVD extras.

In lieu of an animated Grand Budapest Hotel, check out this featurette on the film, which will be in theaters, beginning March 7.

You can also stream the soundtrack at Pitchfork.

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