Mr. Fox and the Wild Things; new Nick Drake; and Paste!

Danny Leigh has written a good (if skeptical) piece about Mr. Fox and Spike Jonze’s adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are over on the Guardian Unlimited (U.K.) film blog:

Those of us with kids or a childish disposition (put me down for both) may have already noted with some excitement that Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox is being adapted for the screen… optimistic fool that I am, I can’t help feeling there’s something intangibly right about it. In part, it will be refreshing to see Anderson’s baroque sensibility applied not to the overfamiliar features of Bill Murray but to animated wildlife. It will also be a delight simply to witness one of Dahl’s finest yarns – in which the titular hero outwits the brutish farmers Bunce, Boggis and Bean – being transposed to the cinema.

URL: I can’t wait for Fantastic Mr. Fox’s screen debut

Some dug-up tapes of Nick Drake’s music (featured in The Royal Tenenbaums) are being released in a new album called Family Tree (rel. 10 July). According to Paste:

Featuring lo-fi home recordings that predate his haunting 1969 debut, Five Leaves Left, the 28-track Family Tree makes a compelling argument for the continued excavation of Drake’s oeuvre (July 07, pg. 95).

You can pre-order this album (and support this site) at

And, speaking of the fine publication Paste, I have discovered that back issues are available for purchase, including…

#13 featuring Wes Anderson

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