Some good U.K. news

This is really late notice, but the Cube Microplex Cinema in Bristol is hosting a Wes Anderson Appreciation Society event tonight, June 29, at 8 pm. 2 quid.

Revel in the absurdist widescreen world of WES ANDERSON, the hilarious tragedy and the small joys of conversation and camaraderie. Come as your favourite flawed protagonist. Max Fischer from Rushmore. Any one of the idiosyncraticTenenbaums – Royal, Etheline, Margot, Cha[s], Richie or one of their extended
family, Eli Cash, Raleigh St. Clair, and Pagoda. Or come en mass as TEAM Zissou from [The] Life Aquatic.

Savour the speciality cocktails at the bar (Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, The RoyalTenenbaum and A Life Aquatic) and let dj’s Raymond Baumbach and Matthew Wilson take you late into the night..

Wildcat… wild… cat… pow…

URL: Cube Cinema

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