Wes Anderson Film Festival?

A few years back, some of the Yankee Racers organized a Wes Anderson Film Festival.

We want to try it again. We would put up a chat room, meet at a designated time, and press play simultaneously. What do you think? What film should we watch together first?

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  1. I don’t think we should watch them in order. But I do agree that first things should be first. Problem: Wes’ first film, the Bottle Rocket short, is not currently available. I’m assuming it will be on the forthcoming Criterion Edition, but that (maddeningly) has not been released. Does this mean that I think the festival should be postponed until all Wes’ work becomes available? Not at all. We just need to have another WAFF when the short is released. Also, after Bottle Rocket, I think we should do The Darjeeling Limited (with Hotel Chevalier before it, of course) to show the span of Wes’ career, then go with Royal Tenenbaums, then The Life Aquatic, then Rushmore. Just to keep it interesting. (I’m sorry I made this so long; it’s not like my opinion matters THAT much.)

    This festival idea sounds really nerdy, but fun. Let me know when/if it goes down.

  2. I dont know why, but i vote for Life Aquatic to be first.

    We should have one just for Bottle Rocket after the new criterion edition dvd comes out. Maybe different times scheduled, or days: one for the short, one for the full-length, then again with commentary.

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