Vampire Weekend’s “Oxford Comma”

Wes-inspired? Based on Wes?

Thanks to Pam for this!

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  1. Hah.. Wes Inspired? more like Based On. These guys have even gone as far as even stealing melodies from mothersbaugh in their songs. Gotta love it. Futura, dolley, dry humor, what more could you ask for?

  2. Inspired, more like based off of. These guys have even gone as far as stealing melodies from mothersbaugh’s scores. Gotta love it. Dolleys, Futura bold, dry humor. They may as well have attributed wes to the video.

  3. Clearly.

    and, also, in Vampire Weekend’s song Blake’s Got A New Face, they mention Darjeeling: “English Breakfast tastes like Darjeeling”

    this could be a mere coincidence, but it’s clear that they definitely enjoy and like to imitate Wes Anderson.

  4. oops i figured mine didn’t post. Yah they do mention the word darjeeling. I’m sure they did it on purpose to reference how much they love wes but they’re talking about darjeeling tea. I also hear they’re going to collaborate with Mothersbaugh. Gotta love that guy. Mark Mothersbaugh is one of the coolest people I’ve ever been near before in my life.

  5. Yeah, I did realize that they were talking baout the tea, but it was just a coincidence I thought I’d bring up.

    Mark Mothersbaugh is brilliant, most definitely.

  6. I think it may also be a homage to Jean Luc Godard’s movie “Week-End”, which features a lot of long tracking shots with a red/blue color scheme, including one of a pianist giving a concert in a farm yard surrounded by cows.
    Of course, it could just be inspiration by proxy, as Wes rips off Godard just as much as Vampire Weekend seem to be copying him. Not that I don’t sincerely love Wes, but his style is almost entirely derived from Godard.

  7. That’s a good video. The best is either the troupe of aspiring guitarists doing Buddy Hollys or the amazing white Olds getaway coupe. The CD is nice too. Anderson clearly gets credit even if not named…

  8. “Not that I don’t sincerely love Wes, but his style is almost entirely derived from Godard.”

    Try Truffaut too.

  9. Does anyone know how Wes Anderson feels about the video? He likely feels flattered. Or are you pussies too scared to say that he might feel like this is a bush-league homage to him? If they’re going to copy him this closely, there should at least be some sort of subtle note of thanks.

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