Fantastic Mr. Fox screening?

Guy on imdb claims he has screening tickets to see Fantastic Mr. Fox (out this November) this Sunday.

I don’t trust information from the imdb message boards, but has anyone heard anything about this? Comment, e-mail, or tweet (@rushmoreacademy) me.

I will report back to the team.

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  1. D’oh!

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  2. Animated films are often test screened with either some sequences partially animated, or with storyboards or animatics in place of finished footage. I think it’s mostly to hammer out story concerns, make sure people understand the film, etc. I assume it was a concession Wes made to getting the movie done, as otherwise I doubt he’d do any screenings.

  3. Another guy on IMDB:
    “I’m seeing it this Sunday as well in Paramus, NJ (I’m from New York, NY). I got emailed some passes to it from one of my movie screening mailing lists.”

    Original guy on IMDB replied:
    “haha i go to college in the area i’ll probably be at the same show”

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