Going to see Mr. Fox this afternooon?

If you are going to a screening of Fantastic Mr. Fox today in the New York area, we would love to hear your spoiler-free feedback.

E-mail edwardappleby @ yankeeracers.org!

8 Replies to “Going to see Mr. Fox this afternooon?”

  1. After actually looking closely, it’s clearly from some kind of Fox promotional book they’re handing out at ShoWest. I wonder if it’ll just be an advertising logo, because it’s not really Wes’ style, it’s a bit “Horton Hears a Who.”

  2. Darjeeling’s title font was not Futura. He kind of made it a signature (it was on several props within Darjeeling), but even design students are being told to shy away from Futura. There are loads of good-looking fonts out there (Just read my budding blog)!

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