More feedback on Mr. Fox

I posted our exclusive review and not this one, in part because it isn’t the most literary piece ever. But, news is slow today, and you might be interested. No spoilers, but a soundtrack song is revealed (who knows if it will be in the final cut?).

terrific! like a beautiful union of filmmaker and material. you could sense the love and reverence for the dahl story but he absolutely put his stylistic stamp as a filmmaker all over it, without one overwhelming the other. it FELT like what a wes anderson movie would be if animated. same title/caption font, hip soundtrack (though the only song i specifically remember is “i get around” by the beach boys), slo-mo dance sequence

very dry humor. i dont know if it’s really for kids

only about 60-70% of the animation was completed, but i loved the look of it — i’d describe it as akin to James and the Giant Peach meets a diorama

Source: Film Experience via Clooney Unlimited

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