Mr. Fox at film festivals

On Monday, The Playlist incorrectly reported that the opening of Fantastic Mr. Fox at the BFI London Film Festival in October was likely proof that the film had been rejected by the other major festivals (to their credit, they have revised the story printed below):

Good news and bad news. Wes Anderson’s “Fantastic Mr. Fox” will make its world premiere at the Times BFI London Film Festival which runs October 14 through 29 according to THR. Good for the film, but that means the film won’t premiere early at the Venice Film Festival or the Toronto International Film festival, both of which happen in September.

Variety already said that ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox had applied to the Venice Film Festival (and even then it seemed doubtful if the picture would get accepted) and this probably means it’s been turned down and if TIFF didn’t pick it up, well, this might be tacit understanding of its quality. Or maybe the picture’s just not ready yet? We’re not saying it’s bad, but it appears that Venice and therefore probably TIFF passed on the film, which sorta speaks for itself, especially since Venice pretty much loves Anderson and held the world premiere of “The Darjeeling Limited.”

This also likely means the film won’t screen at the New York Film Festival which typically ends by the time London will have even started so North American audiences won’t have a chance to see the film until it’s in theaters on November 13.

Our source at Fox tells us that the studio passed on both Venice and New York, even though the film was even offered opening night at the New York Film Festival! Fantastic Mr. Fox is a British film, inspired by a British author and made by British hands (not to mention that only world premieres can open the London FF). London calls!

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