Fantastic Mr. Fox trailer: images, music, and reaction

We have posted some screenshots from the Fantastic Mr. Fox trailer in the gallery. Thanks to stretch! All images are © 2009 20th Century Fox.

Over in the soundtrack thread of the Yankee Racers forum, Racer theodorevalley breaks down the trailer music:

The first song in the trailer is the Bobby Fuller Four’s “Let Her Dance”. The second one is…I don’t know. The third one is a version of the “Peter Gunn” theme by Henry Mancini. The fourth and final song is Clarence Carter’s awesome “Looking For a Fox”.

Anyone know what the second song is?

Finally, Rope of Silicon has a great post on some of the reactions to the trailer. My favorite is from ardent Wes supporter Glenn Kenny:

The Loud Family’s “Ballad Of How You Can All Shut Up” goes out to Movieline’s S.T. Vanairsdale and Spout’s Christopher Campbell, whose concern-trolling (no links) over the putatively underwhelming trailer for Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox isn’t really anything more than very poorly disguised pre-emptive poking at a film that they’re clearly dying to shit all over. The bad faith is palpable; you can practically hear the guys honing their boasts about how they helped “bring” the movie “down” that they can recite at all the corporate holiday parties they hope the recession won’t be canceling. Really makes you love the internet even more than usual.

Get ’em, Glenn! Mr. Fox looks exciting, and different, and interesting. We can’t wait.

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