2009 Halloween costume contest announcement


Enter our Third Annual Wes Anderson Halloween Costume Contest. We are giving away three Fantastic Mr. Fox prize packages, courtesy of our friends at Fox Searchlight:

  • A Fantastic Mr. Fox tie, as featured at Comic-Con 2009
  • A Fantastic Mr. Fox theatrical poster
  • Plus, hopefully some to-be-determined goodies from our pals at Searchlight

The winners, and a few runners-up, will win the CD/DVD set of Noah and the Whale’s latest album/film The First Days of Spring, thanks to the great kids over at Sneak Attack Media.

There are several ways to enter this year:

There are three categories this year:

  • Most Fantastic Mr. Fox costume, for any costume based on a character in the new film
  • Best individual, non-Mr. Fox, for lonely trick or treaters
  • Best group/couple, Mr. Fox or not, for a pair or more of costumed hipsters (you will have to fight amongst yourselves over the prizes)

The editorial staff of the Rushmore Academy will select no less than ten (10) finalists. Winners will be decided by the readers.

Who will you be? Mr. Fox? Peter Whitman? Max Fischer? Steve Zissou? Wes Anderson himself? Bob Yeoman? Dart Boy? Check out some of the entries from previous years.

Legal mumbo-jumbo
By entering the contest by the means described above, you are
a) confirming that you are eighteen (18) years of age or older, or that you have the permission of your parents or guardians to enter, and/or that it is legal for you to post your picture and participate in the contest in your locality/state/country
b) grant the Rushmore Academy full permission to publish your entry on our website without restriction
c) agree that the contest rules, prizes, and/or stipulations may be changed or revoked at any time

The contest submission period ends Friday, November 6, 2009 at midnight U.S. Eastern time.  Note that we cannot control the content of Flickr.com. Please report inappropriate entries to the Flickr administrators. Direct inquiries to edwardappleby@yankeeracers.org.

You may enter the contest if you reside outside of the United States if legally permitted in your locality. Some prizes (t.b.d.) cannot be mailed outside of the United States and/or North America. Winners from outside of the United States will be responsible for additional shipping costs.

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