Fantastic Mr. Fox “how-to” Halloween costume videos

Last month, Fox Searchlight and GenArt sponsored a contest for inspiring filmmakers and designers:

The competition was to create four short films tied in to Wes Anderson’s stop-animated FANTASTIC MR. FOX. Each video should demonstrate how to make your own Halloween costume based on one of the characters from the movie. MR. FOX is based on the popular children’s book by Roald Dahl.

Below are the winners. Bravo, Max. Remember that our annual Halloween costume contest is underway. Maybe you will be inspired… or will figure out a costume design to rip off.

How to Make a “Mr. Fox” Costume; Designer: Sonya Nimri; Filmmakers: Daniel Kwan & Sarah Ginsburg

How to Make a “Mrs. Fox” Costume; Designer: Karla Coy; Filmmakers: Sabeen Amanat & Melissa Choi

Sabeen and Melissa tell us their video is playing sluggishly; Fox Searchlight is working on the problem.

How to Make an “Ash Fox” Costume; Designer: Tiffany Kline; Filmmaker: Alan S. Neal

How to Make a “Rabbit” Costume; Designer: Kristine Kingery; Filmmaker: Jesse Costello

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  1. Fantastic job, Team Ash Fox! The costume was perfect! I’ll be creating mischief of some kind tonight as Ash. Thanks!

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