16 Replies to ““Up” wins Best Animated Feature Oscar”

  1. Best Animated Feature could have gone either way. In the case of the Academy having a choice between two roads, always expect them to take the safest of the two.

    What’s actually more ridiculous is The Hurt Locker winning best screenplay. I turned the TV off, at that point.

  2. Even the little “What Would Winning an Oscar Mean To You” clip for Mr. Fox was better than Up’s, as was the dancing thing.

    I only watched all the way through to see a shot of Wes, and there were none! I almost cried.

  3. hey! ‘UP’ was very good Yeah, unfortunately when it comes to Apples & Oranges the Apples that people have been used to eating for awhile are gonna win, but I’m not ready to poo-poo that movie for any reason (even if that reason IS Randy Newman). Yes, FMF deserved it, but I wouldn’t say UP is a crappy movie.

  4. Up is a great movie, but Mr. Fox is definitely better. I love Pixar and I love Up, and I love the score, but it’s not even close to being their best movie.

    Also Randy Newman didn’t write any songs for it, that was the Princess and the Frog.

  5. Just watched Fantastic Mr Fox for the second time, first time on the lil’l screen. It really is wonderful. Watched Up the night before. I have to say, it’s a tough call. Fantastic Mr Fox has a world that I love to think about outside the film, a world that you can really lose yourself in day-dreaming on the bus into work. Then again, Up made me cry with its utterly perfect first twenty minutes. If they took the two Star Wars references out of Up, thus not reminding me that I’m watching a film, and had Muntz live (his fate still seems far too harsh – the poor guy was deranged) then I’d say it’s a nigh perfect film.

    So Up deserved its award, but I can’t help but feel that the hard work on Mr Fox should have been rewarded. After all, Pixar can always win it again with their next excellent effort. Regardless, the people behind the Pixar and Wes Anderson projects make cinema worth seeing and celebrating – I wish Pixar well.

    But Wes’s films have better dress sense.

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