Rolling Roadshow Bottle Rocket tickets now on sale!

From the Alamo Blog:

The RRS will take place at the Day’s Inn at 307 South East I35 Hillsboro, TX 76645. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased on this page! If you would like to stay at the motel, DO NOT book through Day’s Inn, but instead go HERE for details!

Wes Anderson’s debut feature has long held a special place in our hearts. There are so many reasons to love BOTTLE ROCKET, but mostly we love this heist comedy about  a trio of young, shiftless Texans in existential crisis trying in vain to become hardened criminals because it’s damn funny. So, when we heard that the Days Inn on I-35 in Hillsboro, Texas — a major location in the movie — was in danger of shuttering forever we knew we had to step up and join our friends from Reservoir Geeks in their efforts to save the iconic indie film location.

So, join us on July 9 for a very special Rolling Roadshow presentation of BOTTLE ROCKET on the grounds of the motel where Anthony, Dignan, and Bob hide out in the movie! Plus, “Bob” himself, Mr. Robert Musgrave, will join us in person for the show! And, we’ll have special limited edition posters commemorating the event from Mondo available for sale (with a portion of the proceeds going to support this worthy cause, of course).

Finally, you can help support the cause (and save yourself a long bleary-eyed drive home) by staying at the Motel! Get the special details about booking room here.

On the run from Johnny Law, it ain’t no trip to Cleveland.

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