Friday News Round-Up 7/27/12

A little light today, but still full of love. We’re in between movies and casting and we’re feeling the strain. Hopefully soon, we’ll hear more about the official cast and plot for #8, which starts filming in the fall. Until then, let’s get down to it:

One Reply to “Friday News Round-Up 7/27/12”

  1. I’d like to be in this new movie. Does anyone know how to go about doing that? I’ve always thought if you were a good liar, you could be a good actor. I’m pretty good at lying.

    Actually, I’m horrible at lying. Well, you might’ve believed it when you read “I’m pretty good at lying,” so maybe I am. Or at least pretty good at misleading, which is kind of a lie. When I mentioned ” I’m horrible at lying,” what I really meant was that my conscious always gets to me, so I always fess up.

    Just kidding, I’ve never felt guilty about anything in my life- mainly because I cannot tell a lie.

    … Gotcha! That’s not even my real name I put up there.

    Seriously though, does anyone know how to get in a Wes Anderson picture?
    Don’t say star in some major blockbusters and then decide to stop competing with younger, more attractive actors and try to land a role in an artsier

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