Friday Saturday News Round-Up

We made a mistake?

  • Life would be so much more awesome if this article was actually true.
  • A Bill Murray comic comic book? Sign my kid up! I have the therapy sessions for 2025 scheduled, anyway.
  • Our new pal Roland MacDonald (no relation) sent along the above fanart.
  • My eyes burnt up when I saw this.
  • I think that this is lame, but you are entitled to your own opinion (sort of).
  • Our friend Jeffrey wonders if he has located *the* cove. Let us know what you think.
  • Wes Anderson recently offered his thoughts on Christopher Nolan and Dark Knight Rises to the UK’s Empire Online:

I enjoy Chris Nolan’s work in general, but I watched the Blu-Ray and it has a thing where you can go to any scene in the movie and go to the making of that. There’s nothing that has ever made me feel less like a professional than watching Chris Nolan’s group at work. The remote-control miniature cars. Just every technique. The rehearsal of flipping the semi-trailer end over end in the middle of the desert before they blow it up in Chicago… There’s one scene where a guy jumps off the top of a skyscraper — they rehearse the jump but for the actual thing they did it CG. ‘But for the rehearsal you did jump off the building?’ ‘We have it as a reference.’ Wow. Chris Nolan is quite great. My favourite is Memento, but I’d like to learn how to do these things.

  • The Village Voice’s 4Knots festival is today in New York City. Their poster brings to mind a certain Aquatic film.
  • Scouting the Moonrise Kingdom filming locations (no pun intended, or maybe intended. I don’t know about these things):

Finally, thanks to Gloria for her work on this weekly column (our condolences to her and her family). And sorry for ruining it by posting it a day late the one week that it is my job.

4 Replies to “Friday Saturday News Round-Up”

  1. I found it using Google Earth in about 2 minutes. Once I learned the name of the island, it was clear that there were only two possible coves. Try clicking on the satellite view on the Google Maps version, and you can see the two rock outcrops on opposite sides of the cove, where they jumped off into the water. “One-two-three!” Note also the convenient parking area for the film crew.

  2. Hi

    I am the illustrator. Glad so many people liked my fan art. Was really fun to draw. I feel a few more Wes tributes coming on.

    A couple of people have emailed me about prints so I have had some made up based on the larger version here –

    They are printed on A3 paper the image is approx A4 and cost €25 plus postage.

    You can email me or contact me through my blog. I will try and set up a paypal shop page on my blog later today.

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