Yes, they’re landscapers, okay.

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  1. I have always wanted to know whether the average Wes Anderson fan realizes and whether they are comfortable with the fact that Wes exclusively hires people of Jewish descent. As a Jew (ethnic, not religious, in fact I’m anti-theistic, and nepotism of this nature is one of the reasons I distanced myself from my faith to the chagrin of my family, especially my mother) I find it to be quite an uncomfortable thing to have to see happening still. I understand that for 0.1% of the worlds population we make up a vast majority (or in the case of Wes’ films 100% of cast and crew) of the successful entertainers out there, but to hire exclusively people from your own background whilst ignoring the plethora of other talented people out there purely because their mother wasn’t Jewish, to me, is a criminal act.

    I know that fandom tends to blind people to the negative actions of a person; there was a recent series of interviews of Beliebers where they asked ‘How do you feel about Justin peeing on the American flag?’ and other such false propositions, including punching a pregnant girl in the stomach and sending his grandmother to hospital by beating her up because she was cheating at cards with him … all of which his fans blindly claimed were him ‘being a prankster’ and ‘not meaning to hurt’ anyone physically nor peoples feelings. So I do understand the apologetica proffered by fans in context, but surely it has to get up someone’s goat that Wes is refusing to acknowledge any other talent outside of his ethnic and religious views?

    As a Jew ex-jew (Ethnic vs religious) I tend to have a shorter fuse to such nepotism, because I see it as something that negatively impacts my ethnic demographic, and I also expressly see the correlation between expulsion from European nations and even Hitler’s attempt to wipe us out with PERCEIVED behaviour of this kind not even actual behaviour, so I honestly see this as a threat to my people when someone will–and it always seems to be the religious types–not only ignore other ethnic groups and hire only their own people but then rub it in the faces of the others by pretending it isn’t even the case and ensuring that their PR firm makes damn sure that not a single article anywhere on the internet asks the question “Why does Wes Anderson only hire Jewish people?”

    So, I feel that citing my ethnicity as protection from the knee-jerk potential fanboy reaction of ‘omg ur anti semetic’ will allow and facilitate a deeper discussion of the matter in a way that will draw some intellectual conclusions as opposed to idiocy. If you are a bigot, PLEASE feel free not to try and answer my question as I seriously will not even humor stupidity on the subject. Thus, I pose the question that has long been avoided by Anderson’s PR firm at all costs; Why does Wes Anderson only hire Jewish cast and crew (albeit with a few exceptions in his lattermost films, and by a few I mean you can count the goyim on one hand!) and how does he think he can get away with doing that without inevitably causing a backlash not just against him, but against all of us of Jewish ethnicity, damaging our entire communities reputation and bringing the hate of bigots worldwide down upon is collectively?

    1. Dear Sarah,

      I am afraid to say you are completely wrong even dangerously wrong. Wes Anderson in his freedom as an Artist and I am sure he is one, is allowed to hire deliberately whoever he likes, only jews, only goyim or jews and goyim. His films are intellectual, enjoyable mostly ironical simply an excellent work. Maybe you have a problem with your jewism. Anyway kind regards from an Austrian goyim, Gottfried Satek

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