Take a Course on The Republic of Zubrowka

What do you know about The Republic of Zubrowka?  Did you know that it is the home of the Grand Budapest Hotel or that it possesses a rich heritage known only to the few who have thought to seek it out?

Few of us know anything about The Republic of Zubrowka, so don’t bother emailing your old History teacher about it. Instead, click here to “explore the detailed political, cultural and artistic world of 20th-century Zubrowka at the Akademie’s Historical Archive. Learn about the military coup of 1935, the involvement of The Grand Budapest Hotel and the roving cast of characters that make up its intricate past.” Or you can just type the website address out if you feel so compelled – www.AkademieZubrowka.com.

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  1. Ive seen the GPH 62 times, mainly because the cod piece on “Boy with Apple” keeps drawing me back, had only I lived in the 16th century, but alas. or should I say A LAD, enough of the beautiful boy on the cusp of manhood, my point…. YES there is one…. The Historical page on the Republik of Z …..either unfinished or the Socialist regime which seized power after the Communist “freely elected” Gov took power after “liberation” by Stalin. Sadly the detailed and cultured history of such a beautiful former portion of a long gone Dual Monarchy and amazing creativity of a brilliant man was not available. …… I suppose I will just order a patisserie from Herr Mendl’s which thankfully his families amazing pastries were enough to avoid the GREAT TERROR and Zubrov Arbeit Macht Frie work camps in the 40s.

  2. Typing at 2am after several glasses of Grey Goose and misplacing my glasses, if only I had the blessing of an anticipating yet stonewall unseen lobby boy…. I meant I have watched the GBH ( not GPH where the f….ing P came from I can only attribute to Vicodin, Unable to EDIT my post I found it necessary to reply to myself…. but that’s an entirely normal thing at my stage in life.

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