Wes in Rome

Variety writes that Wes will be appearing onstage at the Rome Film Festival next month:

Anderson is coming on behalf of Martin Scorsese‘s The Film Foundation to present a new print of Albert Levin’s 1951 fantasy “Pandora and the Flying Dutchman,” starring Ava Gardner and James Mason, restored by the foundation in tandem with the Rome fest.

The Rome Film Festival will be Oct 22-31.

Jarvis Cocker and “Fantastic Mr. Fox”

From Time Out Chicago:

TOC: Yet you wrote songs for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, appearing in the film as the frontman of the Weird Sisters. Do kids recognize you?
Jarvis Cocker: I had a very specific look going on in that film—giant fur jacket, snakeskin trousers—that I wouldn’t normally wear down the street. That would get me attention, but probably the wrong kind of attention. I’ve been doing some stuff for a children’s film Wes Anderson is doing, an animated feature.

TOC: The stop-motion adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr. Fox?
Jarvis Cocker: I’ve written three, four songs, and some of that might become bits of the score.

TOC: Now you’re writing the new Disney songs.
Jarvis Cocker: If you criticize Disney, the next step is “do better.” I get the chance to do it myself and corrupt young minds.

Fantastically Flawed Fathers

Kim Morgan wrote an intriguing piece for the Huffington Post on Father’s Day examining “five fantastically flawed fathers” from film. These include Nicholas Cage in Raising Arizona, Ryan O’Neal in Paper Moon, and of course Gene Hackman in The Royal Tenenbaums.

Wes Anderson taps into that childhood yearning we have for our past, how it’s as rose colored as Royal’s dress shirts but at the same time, lonely, bitter and neglected. Anderson makes something beautiful about all this, without being sloppy and we come to not only adore Royal but trust his advice.

Don’t forget to steal the grandkids and hop a dump truck to show your family love sometime soon!

Misdirected Fan Mail

From SF0:

“INSTRUCTIONS: Scan the phonebook until you find someone with the same name as a famous celebrity. Send them fan mail.”

NOTE: Rushmore Academy thinks fake fan mail silly. Instead we support sending REAL fan mail to your favorite directors, gaffers, and Best Boys.

Vulpes Vuples

The Guardian paper in the UK published an informative article on foxes recently. Natually our man Wes’ new film in production gets a mention:

Did you know?

Wes Anderson, the film director behind The Royal Tenenbaums and The Life Aquatic, is working on a big-screen animated version of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s story The Fantastic Mr Fox. George Clooney will play the lead role. Naturally.

Other fascinating facts and observations are noted as well:

And their loud love-making – does that not bother you?

Yeah, quite frightening. It sounds a bit like a baby being strangled. It doesn’t sound like either one of them is enjoying it very much.

16 Military Wives

A flashback Tuesday treat: Thought it might be fun to revisit the Decemberists’ video “16 Military Wives” from a couple years ago. This very Rushmore inspired video was directed by Aaron Stewart-Ahn:

16 Military Wives

Adrien in India

“The Darjeeling Limited” has seen a country wide release in India since the last week of April. There have been a handful of mostly positive reviews for the film. Perhaps most of interest is a new-seeming interview with Adrien Brody in the Times of India. Great to see that he is still doing promotion for TDL.

Did you have any strange experiences or comic misadventure of your own?

AB: Yeah, I bought a motorcycle and I was there with my girlfriend and we were riding around a lot. I was passing a took-took, one of those little rickshaws, so I moved to the side, and there was a buffalo there. I jammed on the breaks and we skidded and I almost went head first into the rear end of this buffalo. I was laughing as I almost died because it was so absurd to me. I was thinking, ‘This is going to be the way I’m going to be remembered.’ All the hard work down the drain and this is it. I saw the headline instantly.

Wes and Jarvis in Paris

Another Wes sighting in Paris, this time noted on fashion design team Eley Kishimoto’s blog:

Whilst taking Alexis to see the window on the last night of fashion week Wes Anderson strolled by with a banjo over his arm walking with what looked like a band that consisted of two members I didn’t recognise and Jarvis Cocker. Alexis knees buckled fumbling at her crash helmet, it was a pleasant suprise as when we started we had dinner with Jean and met Wes and discussed it. He stated lets stay 2m and take it in, very sweet, honked the horn and off we road.

Wes in a band? With JC? Sounds like a dream come true…

The Darjeeling Limited in Istanbul Fest

I hope all our Istabuli readers will be heading to the Istanbul International Film Festival (April 5-20) where The Darjeeling Limited will make its Turkish premiere. The Festival has an overall “’68 Generation” theme and will be presenting some wonderful films (Godard’s Rolling Stones doc Sympathy for the Devil to Hopper’s Easy Rider). TDL will show in the “American Independents” category alongside The Savages and (Team Anderson collaborator) Baumbach’s Margot at the Wedding. Two hundred films will be screened in all. If I am not mistaken, this is the second Middle East showing for TDL, after the Israeli premier earlier this year. So Bosporus bathers, don’t miss this wonderful opportunity!

Waris is “never say no”

Yes, another semi-fashion related post with Waris Ahluwalia. Waris is really proving to be one of Team Wes’s most prolific members. Is there nothing this man can’t do with Style? We’re going to have to coin a new term around here: Warilicious (too much? Suggestions?) Waris is still hard at work in the Jewelry and fashion business and teaches us to always say “yes”. In this Dejour Magazine interview he also mentions his upcoming film work (“Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead” – a Zombie movie, among others), talks about his girlfriend’s film, being Sikh and much more.

It’s just a funny thing. Half my year is spent sitting on the floor working with my craftsmen working on the jewelry, and then the next day I’m off to Tokyo for the Jalouse party for the cover of Jalouse, and then I land here and literally land into fashion week so it’s defiantly a funny mix of worlds.

Keep cool, Waris!