Waris is “never say no”

Yes, another semi-fashion related post with Waris Ahluwalia. Waris is really proving to be one of Team Wes’s most prolific members. Is there nothing this man can’t do with Style? We’re going to have to coin a new term around here: Warilicious (too much? Suggestions?) Waris is still hard at work in the Jewelry and fashion business and teaches us to always say “yes”. In this Dejour Magazine interview he also mentions his upcoming film work (“Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead” – a Zombie movie, among others), talks about his girlfriend’s film, being Sikh and much more.

It’s just a funny thing. Half my year is spent sitting on the floor working with my craftsmen working on the jewelry, and then the next day I’m off to Tokyo for the Jalouse party for the cover of Jalouse, and then I land here and literally land into fashion week so it’s defiantly a funny mix of worlds.

Keep cool, Waris!

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