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Rushmore and Team Zissou pins

Some cool Wes-inspired pins on Etsy, for students at the Rushmore Academy and members of Team Zissou.

P.S. Do you ever wish you could breathe underwater?

Max Fischer Wrote The Life Aquatic

A new Tumblr blog theorizes that Max Fischer, a student at Grover Cleveland High School, wrote the Wes Anderson dramedy The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. The investigator/blogger writes:

The Life Aquatic is half-play, half-movie – the sets are elaborately designed and sometimes low budget, but retain much of Max’s earlier fascination for spectacle and adult themes.

This isn’t the first time that TLA’s origins have been wondered about, out loud. Zissou scholars at the Yankee Racers Aquatic Institute have postulated at TLA is in fact a movie within a movie.

[the films of] Wes Anderson – Video

I’m not sure how we missed this, but YouTube user keesvdijkhuizen has been creating film compilations every month as part of a yearlong series, tackling contemporary auteurs like Sofia Coppola and David Fincher. The most recent of these compilations is for, naturally, the films of Wes Anderson.

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Wes Chats Noir, Gets an Art Show, and Waris Installs

What is this beguiling painting?

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Zissou gets Simpson-ized

The very talented Dean Fraser has been Simpson-izing pop culture figures for years and he’s finally taken on an Anderson character.

To see more of Dean’s fine work, visit his blog Springfield Punx where you can see Dr. Peter Venkman, Jason Schwartzman’s Scott Pilgrim character Gideon Graves, and ton more.

The Daily Show: “The Strife Aquatic”

A little homage to The Life Aquatic on last night’s Daily Show…

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“Geek Alphabet” T-Shirt

Threadless is now selling what they call a “Geek Alphabet” t-shirt, which you can see below.

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There are a few Wes characters among the letters, how many can you spot?

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