Wes sans Mothersbaugh

From our friends over at the Playlist:

Meanwhile, there’s been a lot of speculation (including our own) on the whereabouts of Anderson mainstay and composer Mark Mothersbaugh (who has scored all of Wes film’s up until now). We just heard from our inside source who confirmed that Mothersbaugh, will in fact, not be participating in this new Anderson film. As we’ve noted extensively, the ‘Darjeeling’ will use music from the films of Indian cinema legend Satyajit Ray and Merchant Ivory (whose early films were all set in India). Expect songs from Satyajit Ray himself as he began scoring all his own films after 1961. Our other educated guesses on the music by those aforementioned filmmaker you might hear can be read here.

P.S. Check out Rodrigo’s really fantastic piece “Wes Anderson and the Satyajit Ray Connection.”

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