“Aspects of It Seem Slightly Fake,” and Chatter about TDL


Ed Hardy, Jr. has posted another essay in his series on Wes Anderson, titled “Aspects of It Seem Slightly Fake.”

Some more reviews of The Darjeeling Limited with snippets by Yankee Racer “leeroy”:

  • Ain’t It Cool: “Well, not only did I like the film, but I am here to tell you that it is simply the most entertaining thing I have seen in my time here in Venice. The movie had me laughing out loud more than once. The cinematography is great with the use of color to underline anything that is going on. And the acting is superb. . . I can’t recommend it highly enough.”
  • Telegragh (U.K.): “Director Wes Anderson’s films (Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums) share a languid, calculatedly offbeat charm, but their characters often seem to belong to a cool, tight little clique, with an array of private in-jokes. Audiences can easily feel excluded. All this is true of Anderson’s new film The Darjeeling Limited: happily, its charm trumps its shortcomings.There’ s a genuinely sweet-natured feel to The Darjeeling Limited that makes this screwed-up trio engaging rather than irritating.” – David Gritten
  • Financial Times (U.K.): “The jokes are good, the saffron-filtered visuals even better” – Nigel Andrews
  • Guardian Unlimited (U.K.): “It’s a sensuous experience, gorgeous to look at and gently comic but, as it touches on family bonding, heirlooms and hereditary traits, it develops a delicately moving mood. One to savour when it closes the London Film Festival in November.” – Jason Solomons

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