All aboard, this Friday!


Go. Twice.

We love Wes Anderson. We really do. Can you tell? You do, too.

Roger Ebert loves The Darjeeling Limited. In his review — on the presses tomorrow — he gives the film 3 1/2 (out of four) stars (Yankee Racers post about it). In other words, he says it is the best Wes Anderson film to date.

Let’s make The Darjeeling Limited a box office hit. It already is in New York. If you live within a car, subway, bus, boat, hang glider, or jet plane ride away from any of these cinemas, you need to go. Friday and Saturday? It is really a fantastic movie. And, its success this week may help us encourage wider distribution.

Show some love.

New York, NY
AMC Loews Lincoln Park
Regal Union Square
AMC Empire
Clearview Chelsea
City Cinemas

Los Angeles, CA
AMC Century City
Arclight Hollywood
Laemmie Monica

San Francisco, CA
Embarcadero Center Cinemas

Washington, DC-Baltimore, MD

Landmark E Street Cinema (D.C.)
AMC Loews Georgetown (D.C.)
Landmark Bethesda Row (MD)

Chicago, IL
AMC Loews Pipers Alley
AMC River East Century 12
Evanston/CineArts 6
Landmark’s Renaissance Place

Boston, MA
Kendall Square Cinema
Coolidge Corner Theatre

Toronto, ON
Alliance Atlantis Cumberland Cinemas

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5 Replies to “All aboard, this Friday!”

  1. But I can’t! my wes friends. I totally wish I could, but I can’t. Why did I ever go to a far away university! If I walked all the way to embarcadero, it would take like three days! But, I will try to talk to the only friend I know who has a car to take me. She knows nothing of the film, and I’ll try to entice her to take the Wes Anderson plunge. REALLY WANNA SEE IT!

  2. I am so very sad I do not live in a hip enough city anymore, I really need to see this in the theater and is seems the only way to do that is if I fly home to my moms place in Chicago…and I just think that is going a little too far. I hope it gets to Florida some time soon.

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