Wes and Jason On Tour, 2007

Thursday evening update: Wes and Jason will be on CBC’s The Hour tonight — Thursday, October 18th at 11 pm ET. We will post the video tomorrow.

Fox Searchlight schedule

Toronto, D.C., Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, and more*

* note, not all dates include BOTH Wes & Jason

The Huffington Post compares Wes to Sofia Coppola

Someone who’s never seen a Wes film (other than TDL) interviews the writers and gets some interesting answers:

“I can’t remember having a work experience or travel experience that I felt was more life-changing than this one, just in terms of how it affects your point of view and just the feeling coming out of it . . . We wanted a mechanic who looked like a Nazi but then turns out to be a good guy. . . I mean, he’s Ringo. Does Ringo get offended? I don’t know. I doubt it.”

The Cleveland Free Times, compares Wes to Richard Lester and Peter Bogdonavich, and also gets a scoop:

Anderson is also in the process of writing a new live-action film that he hopes to get before the cameras within the next year. “Ideally, I’d like to have two movies opening at the same time,” he says optimistically . . . I’ve had offers and have even thought about directing some big Hollywood tent-pole kind of thing, but that’s about as far as it’s gone.”

The Retriever Weekly calls TDL “simply awesome”

Check out this great essay on Wes from Fanzine

Broadside Online praises a Wes trait that often goes unnoticed these days, his sincerity:

With his latest film, the oddball auteur takes his audience on a train ride fraught with a newfound maturity that elevates his talent as a filmmaker to impressive new heights. So hop aboard The Darjeeling Limited and experience Wes Anderson’s eclectic, eccentric, esoteric and always entertaining blend of comedy, tragedy and heartbreaking sincerity.

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  1. already got my tickets for the austin showing. it would be super sweet if wes showed up as a surprise. either way, it’s going to be a wonderful second viewing!

  2. got my tickets for the austin show. got my fingers crossed for a wes surprise, but it will make an awesome second screening either way!

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