A note about advertisements

The Rushmore Academy makes no money. It is a labor of love, and we have always avoided commercializing the site. Up until now, we have only advertised through the Amazon affiliates program, which helps pay for the site.

We are trying something new. Through Project Wonderful, an innovative new ad service, we are offering the 300 x 250 advertising space you see on the right. For now, it is charged at a daily rate starting at $1.00 (subject to competitive outbidding). We don’t expect to get rich from this scheme. But, by advertising with us, you can support the site and reach an audience of thousands of cinéastes. And, we support you and avoid “Work at Home and Make $43,000/day” ads from Google AdSense!

So, please consider advertising with us. To do so, simply click on the Project Wonderful link beneath the current ad. All you need is a Paypal account. Bravo, Max!

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