Fantastic Mr. Fox trailer out in two weeks (updated)

We have confirmed that the trailer for Fantastic Mr. Fox will be revealed the week of July 27th, debuting in cinemas on Friday, July 31st! We have been told it will be attached to Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, the Twentieth Century Fox animated film that was released on July 1st.

Also note that we have removed the image of Mr. Fox leaked by at the request of Fox Searchlight and Wes Anderson. Its release was unsanctioned, and we respect the wishes of the studio and Wes. Word has it that we will have much better images in the very near future.

3 Replies to “Fantastic Mr. Fox trailer out in two weeks (updated)”

  1. Ha first comment! I can’t wait to see how these Caddyshack gopher-like characters sound and move.

  2. That Joblo image never did seem entirely official, but it was nice to get some kind of glimpse of the film. Good news about the trailer, hopefully they’ll attach it to some big releases too, ones that didn’t open a month ago.

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