High-quality photos of Fantastic Mr. Fox

New photos

We will post them once we confirm that they are official. Merci to Richard!

2 Replies to “High-quality photos of Fantastic Mr. Fox”

  1. Those are great. I love the painting behind Mr. Fox in the second one.

    Looking at them a bit more, I’m 99% sure they’re actual stills from the film, which is often the case with animated and stop-motion movies. I really like the look they’re able to get out of the Nikon D3, very filmic, which suits the fur and the clothing well because of how tactile it all is.

  2. looks fantastic
    (and no, that is not meant as a pun) The use of real fur reminds me of “The Mouse on the Motorcycle” TV specials, which I for one loved. I’m majorly excited for what Wes & Co. have in store for us in a couple weeks!

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