Check into the Grand Budapest and win

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Tweet @rushmoreacademy or comment on this post with the pseudonym that you would use to check-in to the Grand Budapest Hotel. One winner (U.S. residents only), the most ingenious pseudonym as determined by the Rushmore Academy editors, will receive a Grand Budapest Hotel prize pack courtesy of ABKCO Music and Fox Searchlight:

  • Copy of the soundtrack signed by Wes Anderson
  • Mini film poster
  • Monthly tear-away calendar
  • Society of the Crossed-keys pin
  • Journal
  • The Wes Anderson Collection book

Be sure to tag the #grandbudapesthotel, @ABKCO, @foxsearchlight in your tweets! Buy ABKCO’s Grand Budapest Hotel soundtrack hereDeadline for submissions is Friday, 4 April 2014 at 11:59 pm U.S. Eastern time. Contributors to are not eligible for this prize.

133 Replies to “Check into the Grand Budapest and win”

  1. Komtesse Wilhelmina S. Neuzil would delight in taking up momentary residence at the Grand Budapest Hotel.

  2. Duke Augustus W. Sinclaire, IV. (The W stands for Wesley, which only my closest confidants are allowed to call me)

  3. Helmut Paris Grandbudapest.

    Unfortunately my Canadian passport keeps me from stepping foot in the lounge..

  4. fine fine.. Granudapest it is, but where do you expect me to stay now!? …and what about Sing-Sing?

  5. Yes, I would like to check into the Grand Budapest Hotel under the name “August Meriwether”. Thank you.

  6. I assure you, darling, I have no reason to disguise my identity. My name is Thirston Quarthammer IV, but you may call me Thirsty. I’m sure we will get on famously.

  7. May I present to you, Sir Langlass Berymor of Yarles. The last remaining member in a prestigious line of Marionberry farmers, Sir Langlass watches over his now defunct estate; sterile and unkept. Alone in the Oregon foothills: each morning he walks, often for no reason at all, neither thinking nor acting. A crudely shaped apathetic man indeed. If asked, he has no siblings, but he is rumored to have killed them. Poisoned by the same berries that his family grew they say -perhaps why the farm no longer produces fruit. His only wife choked on an orange while he strode during his routine walk. Every lobby boy knows not to make eye contact with Mr. Berymor. He must be kept in a quiet facility at all times. It is of the utmost importance that silence be present during his stay, (God Willing he does not stay for longer than imposed).

  8. I shall take up residence in the Grand Budapest Hotel as the infamous Matilda Rapture; a well known black widow awaiting your acquaintance.

  9. Checking in at the Grand Budapest, I pronounce that my… ahem, “name” is to be Jean Ashenfischer La Joven. Partially spanish, all character.

  10. Greetings and salutations, it is my personal honor to be charged with the preparations and arrangements for my employer, the esteemed: Master, ‘J. H. Percival Lafleur the First’ (pronounced Law-flew Ore) to holiday at your so confidently christened “Grand” Budapest Hotel.
    The Lafleur Estate believes it a “Grand” opportunity for The Hotel Budapest to accept Master, J.H. Percival, a “Grand”iose individual in most Zubrowkan social circles, as a guest for the nearing summer months as he works on his forthcoming tragic novel, “The Nape Bemused.”
    We humbly await your, of course, speedy correspondence.
    For the Lafleur Estate, L. Thurston Tristane.

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