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Webicon contest finalists: vote for your favorite

We received many worthy entries, nearly fifty in all, and adored all of them (see them all here).

View the nine finalists and vote for your favorite after the break! Voting closes on Thursday, April 9, 2009 at midnight ET.

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Last call on webicon contest!

The webicon contest ends tonight at midnight! We will post the finalists and open the voting on Thursday!

E-mail edwardappleby @ yankeeracers.org or tweet @rushmoreacademy!

Oh, and new entries have been posted. You can win a copy of Derek Hill’s fantastic Charlie Kaufman and Hollywood’s Merry Band of Pranksters, Fabulists and Dreamers: An Excursion Into the American New Wave (available for purchase on Amazon.com).

Enter the Rushmore Academy Webicon contest (updated)

Make Wes Anderson-inspired art at Paste Magazine’s Webicon.me! Then, Tweet (@rushmoreacademy) or e-mail (edwardappleby @ yankeeracers.org) us your image. We will post your entries here at the Rushmore Academy, and the best one will win of copy of Derek Hill’s fantastic Charlie Kaufman and Hollywood’s Merry Band of Pranksters, Fabulists and Dreamers: An Excursion Into the American New Wave (available for purchase on Amazon.com).


Contest is on-going. We will add new prizes if we extend it beyond April 1, 2009.

Check out the entries so far after the break! Please digg our contest!

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U.K. Academy Books now open for business

For our readers in the U.K., we now have an Amazon.co.uk Academy Books storefront. It is available through the regular Academy Books link above.

Remember that purchases though our Amazon sites support the crucial maintenance of this website.

Writers wanted

We are looking for authors to compose  several biographies for the Rushmore Academy. We cannot pay you, but you will be credited (and you can add your work to your writing credits, if you care about that kind of thing). The biographies must be well researched and properly referenced. If you are interested, e-mail edwardappleby @ yankeeracers.org.

Wes Anderson
Mark Mothersbaugh
Bill Murray
Kumar Pallana
Jason Schwartzman
Luke Wilson
Owen Wilson

Site updates


First, great news: our Facebook group has reached 1,000 members! Show your school spirit and join!

You can now follow us on Twitter @rushmoreacademy.com.

We are organizing a Wes Anderson Film Festival. A few years back, a group of Yankee Racers met online and watched the films of Wes Anderson together. We are doing it again and need your feedback!

More news:

  • The gallery is back up and working. Send your images and scans to edwardappleby @ yankeeracers.org!
  • The film scripts, press kits, and credits are now available in the library.
  • In addition to the normal radio station powered by last.fm, we have added a second channel of music from our Academy Books Music Room (sponsored by Amazon).

And, don’t forget that the Wes Webicon contest is still on!  I will post some new entries later today.

Bottle Rocket Short Film Soundtrack

The renowned jazz label Fantasy Records released a digital soundtrack for Wes Anderson’s short film Bottle Rocket (1994) back on December 9. Read on for the press release. Click below to buy it on Amazon and support the site!


1. The Chant / Artie Shaw
2. Old Devil Moon / Sonny Rollins
3. The Route / Chet Baker
4. Skating / Vince Guaraldi Trio
5. Stevie / John Coltrane
6. Nothing But The Soul / Horace Silver
7. Happiness Is / Vince Guaraldi Trio
8. Jane-O / Zoot Sims Quartet

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(Just a reminder: Owen Wilson will be presenting tonight’s Top Ten List on the Late Show with David Letterman.)

  • From Sean, a Rushmore-inspired music video from Company of Thieves:

The debut music video from Company of Thieves, is inspired by Wes Anderson’s Rushmore. The video for the song “Oscar Wilde” was filmed at Sycamore Elementary School in Kokomo, Indiana, over the course of just one day in December 2008. It includes over 60 props which were mostly bought from flea markets and vintage stores. The video was shot on Kodak Vision3 500T 16mm film using an Eclair ACL camera with 12mm and 14mm lenses, with 23 lighting setups. The footage was digitally transferred to uncompressed 10 bit format and edited in Final Cut. If you like the song, it’s available for free download.