New petition: we want TDL on Criterion!

Our last revolutionary struggle was a success (sort of). After many years of petitioning for a Criterion Collection edition of Bottle Rocket, one is now forthcoming. Coincidence? Probably.

Anyway, the struggle is ongoing. We now have a new petition for you to sign, asking for The Darjeeling Limited on Criterion. Please do sign. We also have a ‘supplementary’ petition, about Satyajit Ray’s Apu trilogy.

We are accepting proposals for blogs on this site. E-mail edwardappleby @ (no spaces) with your idea or a link to your current blog. Metro Line 13, a blog by Owen Bates (currently under construction), will be our first Rushmore Academy blog.

We are also still offering Google Mail accounts @ E-mail the above e-mail address with your request.

Update: Is anyone good at making WordPress themes? I am not, apparently. E-mail me.

One Reply to “New petition: we want TDL on Criterion!”

  1. Please make this into a Criterion Collection edition. It is too precious not to include it in the filmography. I think the artwork and detail in The Darjeeling Limited lends itself to some amazing packaging. I still wish for LV luggage to show up on my doorstep!!!

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