Hotel Chevalier

Hotel Chevalier is now available free on iTunes (link). Note that you do not need an iPod or other portable device to screen the film; you can watch it on your home computer after downloading the free iTunes software.

[Hotel Chevalier commentary thread at Yankee Racers]
[Marc Jacobs and The Darjeeling Limited in the New York Observer]

Photos from the New York screening of Hotel Chevalier (source):


Photos from Chicago screening of Hotel Chevalier (thanks to Loraxaeon):


We are looking for more photos from the NYC event, as well as photos from the New York Film Festival premiere on Friday. Please e-mail edwardappleby @ (no spaces) to share.

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  1. What’s with all the Canada-bashing I’m seeing online these days? Is it because our money’s worth more than your pitiful monochromatic religious-sloganed tattered-newsprint looking dollars?

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