The Train Doesn’t Stop Here

USA Today catches up with Wes and calls Darjeeling a “reinvigorating return.”

“Will Anderson and his buddy work together again? And especially, will they write together again since many feel they bring out the best in each other’s words?” Owen is a huge part of the filmmaking team,” Anderson assures. “He always will be. We have lots of other things in mind to do together. We have an inventory.”

In other words, the train doesn’t stop here.” – Susan Wloszczyna

New York Magazine runs a long profile on Wes that highlights his artful approach to life:


“This is the dynamic at the heart of what those close to him affectionately refer to as “Wes’s world,” which resembles a vaudevillian family by way of Evelyn Waugh . . . In his films he creates a very particular and unmistakable world, and I guess you could say the same is true in his life. . .

In talking to Anderson you can tell that Aquatic was a difficult movie for him—beginning with its making . . . Discussing it seems to exhaust him, as if he were reliving the experience. “We just put everything into it, and it kind of, you know, got a bit of a rough ride,” he concludes. “I think it’s generally thought of as the least loved of all my movies.” – David Amsden

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